Sânmartin (Csíkszentmárton) is a large village in the centre of Alcsík. It includes the villages of Csíkcsekefalva and Úzvölgye. Szentmárton and Csekefalva were founded along two parallel streams.

The  frame the settlement is formed by the two main streets (Szentmárton köze and Csekefalva köze) and the main road connecting the two. Several small streets start from them. Along the main road and the main streets there are narrow, long parcels perpendicular to the road. These include a large number of cross-alley plots. A row of large barns at the back of the plots gives the village an interesting silhouette.

Along the streets branching off the main street, irregular plots are more common, often with stairways in several directions along a section of street. Narrow passages connecting a street or providing access to a field have a particular character.

The two streams that run through are dominant elements of the village landscape, creating atmospheric village streets such as the Csipkeszer Street in Csíkszentmárton or the Holtárok Street in Csekefalva.




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