Plăieșii de Jos

The centre of the village is marked by the junction of the main roads, with a World War II memorial. Here you will find the cultural centre, the municipal library, the mayor’s office, shops and guest houses. Plăieșii de Jos (Kászonaltíz) is situated in the bend of the Kászon stream, bordered by three hills. The most important of these is Fenyőalja, on which the main church and the cemetery of the village are located. The path and stairs leading up to the church are set in a pleasant grove, the largest continuous green belt in the interior. Although the names of the villages Kászonaltíz and -feltíz refer to former parts, both villages are in fact composed of several smaller parts: Csáburdé, Oláhok Street, Gálok Street, Mezőáltal, Kővár, Pápországa, but their exact delimitation is not clear.

The structure of the settlement clearly shows a central role. The streets start from a node, which is still the scene of markets, fairs and village events. Three distinct street patterns can be distinguished. Houses are clustered along the main streets leading to Feltíz, while the streets branching off to the east and west are more structured. In the western part of the hill and in the area below the church hill, a typical folded settlement pattern can be observed. The street of Csáburdé is characterised by a small stream that runs alongside the street. One row of houses can thus be approached over small bridges.

The layout of the plots is very varied, with the gable end of the house facing the street. The annexes may be positioned opposite the house, perpendicular to it, or in its continuation, depending on the shape and size of the plot. In many places, the pattern followed varies from street to street, thus creating an even layout that makes use, access and fire protection ideal. There is also a section where barns are built in an isolated block, but there are also areas between the rows of houses used as ploughs and gardens. In general, the aim is to make the best possible use of the land, so that the order of the plots along the streets is always disrupted by the position of the cul-de-sacs and paths behind them.




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    Commune in Harghita, Romania Plăieșii de Jos Hungarian: Kászonaltíz or Kászon , Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkaːson] is a commune in Harghita County, Romania. It lies in the Székely Land, an ethno-cultural region in eastern Transylvania. The villages were part of the Székely Land region of the historical Transylvania province.


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