Emeric Adorján mansion – Armășeni(Csíkménaság)


Armăşeni is situated in Harghita County, about 25 km from Miercurea Ciuc,on the eastern edge of the Ciuc Basin.

The Adorján House was built in 1797 by Sergeant Imre Adorján, then the gate was made in 1828 together with his son Imre Adorján Jr. In 1835, Imre Adorján Jr. and his wife rebuilt the house, giving it its current form.

The harrow building, built on a stone foundation above the stone cellar of the Adorján House, belongs to the most developed type of the Szeklerland eaves houses.

The house of the Adorján family of the Szekler horseman in Miercurea Ciuc and the corresponding covered gate were declared a monument in 1955. The residential house has been remarkable since the 50s with its sophisticated façade decorations, ceiling and special arched cellar access.

The house has not been inhabited since the 80s, its condition has been steadily deteriorating. The fate of the monument was embraced by the Csíki Monument Protection Association. They bought the house and the gate in 2001, and in 2003 and 2004 they were able to restore the waist and roof structure and re-cover the roof from donations.


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