Imper (Kászonimpér) is located on the Kászon stream, at the continuation of Feltíz and Altíz, in the direction of Jakabfalva. The main road passes just on the edge of it, linking it to the village. It forms a coherent unit with the two preceding villages, but it is a spatially distinct, more sparsely built-up area that has developed along the Tekerő and Bakmáj streams. In the village there are timber-processing entities and old stables, as well as the Balázsi Mansion, a historical monument.

According to historical documents, Kászonimpér is the oldest settlement in Kászon. The part on the right bank of the stream is called Fenyőalja, and there is a small chapel here to mark the ancient village site. Most of the village is located on the left bank of the stream, away from the main road. Spatially, it is situated at the foot of the hills, separated from the villages of Altíz and Feltíz by the hill called Hosszú-hegy (“Long Hill”).

The characteristics of the fold settlement system are clearly recognisable and dominate the whole settlement. It is characterised by exciting dead-ends, forks, shortcuts and paths. It would be relatively difficult to recognise the presence of streets on the map just by looking at the location of houses, except perhaps the street leading to the Bakmáj village section, after the Tyúkos bridge, where houses line up along a neat winding street. Bakmáj is a distinctive village, with a dozen houses. The village area is more loosely used, with the individual village parts being slightly separated, perhaps indicating the younger character of the settlement.

Given the diversity of the settlement, it would be difficult to formulate a typical division of the village of Kászonimpér. In general, the houses have their porches facing east-south and their barns enclosing the courtyard. The orientation to the street is less significant, with the backs of many buildings facing the street.




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