Wooden belfry – Șiclod

The wooden belfry with exceptional beauty, of the Reformed Church from Siklód, registered as a monument, was built in 1784 by Csíkfalvi Csók János. The circumferential inscription from the main parapet under skirt reports about this too: „TSIKFALVI TSOK JÁNOS WAS MASTER ON THIS WOODEN TOWER, HE PLACED IT HERE, WHOLE ECLESIA WAS THE HELP, PRAISE GOD TO ACCOMPLISH / THE MASTERS HELP WAS AN OLD MASTER NAME OF WHOM IS BOKOR JÁNOS AND STARTED TO BUILT IN EIGHTYFOUR IN THIS PLACE.” (The records of Debreceni László says that the caption continued with: „PRAISE THEE...”, but he mentioned only the painted letters not the engraved letters.)

The nicely timbered belfry from massive oak is placed in the south-western corner of the cemetery on the hill. Unconventional, the belfry is set on a carefully shaped, laid drily pedestal of carved ashlars. The belfry’s 25 cleft lattice-structured beam is attached to a three tier sole pole-plate beam. The upper parts of the eaves columns are ornamentally carved onto three views. 12 exterior and 4 inner vertical oak tree columns form the tower trunk; tighten by comprehensive Andrew-bonds.

In the bell house currently can be found two bells. The bell house supplied with four windows, with a board cover, on the skirt part is shingled, while the footing part under the skirt is planked. The craftsman built many belfries on the neighborhood (the companion of the siklódi belfry stands in Kecset.) The building required a renovation many times. His last correction took place in 2005.








Șiclod nr.242


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