Roman Catholic Church – Lăzarea(Gyergyószárhegy)


The Roman Catholic church in Gheorgheni is one of the beautiful monuments of the Romanesque period and the late Gothic, and is listed as a monument in the official list of monuments of Harghita County. The first church in the village was built in 1235, in a place traditionally called the Mine, where marble used to be mined. In the 15th century, a Gothic church was built to replace the Romanesque church.

The year 1400 is engraved in stone on the south side of the church, probably indicating the date of the reconstruction. The building consists of three distinct parts: the sanctuary, the main nave and the tower. The church is surrounded by a high stone wall.

The tower, built in 1488, has three bells: large, medium and small, and is now powered by a motor. The bells have huge windows and clocks above them. In recent years, they redid the floor, central heating has been introduced, a new amplification system has been installed, new benches have been made and the organ has been renovated.

The church houses a piece of a 13th-century sandstone baptismal font on display at the Historical Museum in Bucharest. In the old attic of the sacristy is a special medieval wall decoration with the figure of a running dog. Members of the Lazarus family are buried in the lower church. There are precious stone crosses in front of the church, the oldest dating from the 1660s.


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