The ruins of Budvár fortress – Odorheiu Secuiesc (Székelyudvarhely)


The ruins of Budvár fortress stand on the top of Budhegy on the right bank of the Târnava river, just a quarter of an hour walk from the town. According to the legend, it was built by the leader Buda, and here was the seat of the leader of the Szeklers torn from the Huns, who made an alliance here with Árpád, who gave them a law.

In fact, it could have been built in the 11th-12th centuries, using the remains of an earlier Roman fortress. Budvar existed until 1241, when the Tatars flooded the countryside and destroyed the castle. But even after that, the cavities of the mountain often provided refuge for the Szeklers.

In Budvár (635 meters high, conglomerate rock formations) the man of the Neolithic has already settled. The man of the early and late Iron Age also lived here. From the Árpádian period, earthen huts and the remains of a fortress were found. In the official list of monuments of Harghita County, the ruins of Budvár are considered to be monuments.


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