Funerary monument of Orbán Balázs – Băile Seiche(Szejkefürdő)


Orbán Balázs was born in Polonita village near Odorheiu Secuiesc, in an old Szekler family. He studied in Odorheiu Secuiesc, but in the spring of 1846 he left his native lands to return only in 1859.

During the years of absolutism and the relatively short relaxation period after that, he traveled to the Szeklerland. He arrived in every locality, visited all the ruins and natural attractions, taking notes and immortalizing them with a camera. Between 1868 and 1873, Orbán Balázs published the six volumes of his trademark "Historical, Archeological, Geographical and Ethnographic Description of the Szekler Land".

He died without descendants, leaving all his inheritance to the Szekler people. Respecting his last wish, Orbán Balázs was buried at Seiche. In front of his grave is a row of Szekler gates, the first of which is the gate of his house.


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